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Arts York Visual Community

We don't play, act or sing, we draw.

Arts York Visual
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Mod membership is closed. We have four maintainers. That's enough already.

What we want from you:
Art Critique (Commentary and review for aspiring artists)
Artworks from you (post any of the pictures you want to share with us.)
Stuff about AY (no harsh complaints about staff or teachers. Events would be nice.)
Posts about your day, we wanna hear it :D, but heavier stuff is probably best suited for your LJ.

What we don't want from you
HUGE MONSTER IMAGES (They really take up loading time. Try shrinking them down before posting them up)
Test results from Quizilla (again loading time)

Prior to joining....
Please post on the community and YOU MUST absolutely MUST tell us what GRADE you are in (it doesn't matter if you're a grad, we could care less we still love you :D). Post up your images if you want to, but if there is nudity, or any other kind of suggested comment that "may" offend some viewers, put it in an LJ cut.


1)Be in AY Visual if you want to join, it's kind of the point=)
2)No rude or lewd posts, please try to keep it clean but that's not to say it's wrong to swear, just try not to offend others.

Critiquing guide
This is kinda self explanitory, so I've taken the liberty of shortening it up for you.
No offensive comments against the user who's posted unless it's about the picture itself, then it should be pretty polite and justified. Any post which is just a direct bashing of the artist will be screened or deleted. Easy enough for you to understand? Great =).

If you have a piece of artwork that contains graphic content (e.g, nudity, sexuality), please put it in an LJ cut. But of course, we expect all members to be mature about artwork.

Currently we have 21 active members. 0 members pending and 2 defunct members. The mods are franzetta, popcan_avenger and i_got_kicked

Member list
angelic_dreams (Grade 12)
astralys (Grade 10)
chibicloud01 (Grade 12)
expression_x (Grade 10)
faetis (Grade 11)
i_got_kicked (Grade 12)
ichigo_fishy (GRAD)
iwashedmyhands (GRAD)
kittie__litter (GRAD)
lauren_dearest (GRAD)
max18 (Grade 12)
muxu_ai (Grade 12)
notjustbecause (Grade 10)
popcan_avenger (Grade 12)
repudiator (Grade 12)
rhi26 (Grade 12)
silent_epidemic (GRAD)
franzetta (Grade 12)
tabooue (Grade 12)
treasurebox (GRAD)
without_regrets (GRAD)
xocubabytchox (Grade 12)