TK (repudiator) wrote in ay_visual,

Hey guys. Before *everyone* heads off on their cool vacations and what not or gets swamped with summer school english I just wanted to remind you all of the Art in the Park show that's occuring on July 15-16. Sylvia and I had the idea to have our own table. Students can register for free the only thing we need to work out is (1)Who's coming; (2) How many tables we need and therefore what kind of protection we'll get for them; and (3)Who will pitch in for food (as since I'm providing accomodations).

The information is on the following images if you'd like the actual files or just want to work things out with me I'd like your info preferably by July 9th. If you have any questions then please leave a comment here or e-mail me and we'll work it out.

Thanks guys,





Also as a side note if you wanted a copy of Mrs. Primeau's retirement video then please confirm that with me because I have no idea how many I have to make and if I have to make more than I thought then I might ask for some donations for those DVDs. Thanks.
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