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sIntacKs needs YOU!

Yeah so this community has been dead for a while and I've decided to revive it as much as I can. (Haha)
Anyway, our school literary magazine, "sIntacKs" is hot off the presses and if any of you are totally interested in reading about stuff written by students for students, then sIntacKs is for YOU!

We'll be selling them in the caf I do believe from 1-5 (we dont' close down like your average booth because we're totally awesome that way you hear) and it's only for DUN DUN DUN


8.5x11 and a super duper magazine full of goodness for 1 dollar? Come on man, you'd be crazy not to buy it. 
Plus I'm betting the fact that most of you people on this forum have a piece of artwork in here, and what looks better on a resume than 
"Was featured in school magazine"
(though you shouldn't be doing that, it's still cool you can't deny)

So if you're interested in what YOUR school as to say, make it important, make it a sIntacKs day.
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