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Soon very soon

Okay, so guys, the Visual Arts collective hosted the "Ghouls and Fools" fundraiser typed thing today! I hope everyone had fun...or at least sort of thought they had fun =). Wednesdays are meetings AFTERSCHOOL in room 212 if I am not mistaken so....come on out!

Anyway, since it's Novemember....the new layout is gonna be going up soon. So far, _icebluerose_ is the only person who has actually refered anyone at all so...guess what...the contest closes on the Seventh (Terr's birthday because she rocks) So if you are interested in having your choice of layout on the community, please please submit your art work and refer people to the community.

I'm glad everyone who went to NY had fun (it's supposed to be like that on trips), and thanks Rhi for the pictures. If any of you else have any funny stories or pictures, videos etc. etc. you want to share with us, please do =).

OH on that note,
PLEASE SUBMIT TO sIntacKs! UHS's Literary magazine! If you want your artwork/photography to be in the magazine please please please submit your stuff ASAP! To!
The Deadline is Nov. 10th soooooo please submit <3
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