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DA Accounts

Just out of many of you have DA accounts? I personally don't (the whole idea of them being able to take your art makes me feel a little uncomfortable, to tell you the truth...not that my art would be good enough for the taking anyway) but I was wondering if you do. 

I know two members here have DA accounts...but I was just curious to know about the rest of you. =)

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I have one... but I do absolutely nothing with it. That's probably why no one bothers with me :D
Lol what's your account name...wanna tell me?? XD
aaah.... i think I'm repudiator on that too. that or esoterica.

either or :) SEe I don't even remember
Lol you're never update =(
So uh...... what's my username? :)
You're repudiator on that too. Esoterica is some person that hasn't updated since 2002 I think... ;)
Hilarious. Thanks :D
No problem, dear. =)
I have one...

It is a cess-pool of fanart and lazy, half-finished crap, but it's there.
Yeah, but it's art nonetheless, though...right?
Works for me. ;)
Thanks a lot!
I see much Link.
ooooo Link.