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Welcome to the AY visual community, a place for artsy people like us who are currently in the Arts York Visual program at Unionville. If you'd like to join, please refer to our beautiful Rules and Information section to apply! Remember this community has moderated membership, so you may have to wait a while to be accepted. We always enjoy new artists so please feel free to join!


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Still Need Critique! [07/26/07]

Sry for the first post, i don't know why the links aren't working.

Sketch One

Sketch Two
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need some critique [07/26/07]


i'm doing a personal illustration project (yes all that AY craziness got thru to me). it's based on the David Dunlap Observatory which is actually in Richmond Hill.


Arts York Info Night [11/08/06]
[ mood | distraught ]

I just wanted to give the Arts Collective a huge pat on the back. You guys REALLY outdid yourself this year at Arts York Info Night - your act was absolutely BRILLIANT!!

And suddenly so many more people are impressed by AYVA.



Hey everyone unfortunately I'm not feeling well so I wasn't able to say anything this morning but Nuit Blanche is occuring right now downtown in Toronto. 

For anyone who is interested, one of our own will be located at the following spot (I'll give you a wild guess to who it is).

This particular event ends at 7:15 in the morning so please visit sometime in the next 7 hours if you can... yes it's going on all night/morning so I'd take the opportunity if you can.  And take pictures for the rest of us
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Buffalo [09/22/06]
So....Buffalo. Wish I could go but don't go saying, "Quitter," or the like, because I hear that enough from Marshall. The problem here is that I wouldn't have been able to go even if I was still in AY so I rely on all of my wonderful buddies who are going to take lots and lots of pictures and fill me in on everything. XD

Oh, right, and a little warning: I will be posting artwork here only under friends only. I want to limit the number of people viewing my art...and on top of that, I will also watermark all of my work. I suggest that everyone else do watermark their work as well because there's just so much thievery going on out there.

And also, I'd like to say thanks to all of those who have posted art here. I hope to see more and I really hope I'll be able to post work too...soon. ;) 
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You know... [09/15/06]

Yearbook is looking for some volunteers.
We like helpers.
We like people who run errands.
We like photographers who can do stuff for us (meaning take pictures of events...like perhaps the Sr. Boys Volleyball game?)

Kay so...any volunteers?
We'd love you.

<3 and the like
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DA Accounts [08/15/06]
[ mood | boycotting the lemonhead moods ]

Just out of curiosity...how many of you have DA accounts? I personally don't (the whole idea of them being able to take your art makes me feel a little uncomfortable, to tell you the truth...not that my art would be good enough for the taking anyway) but I was wondering if you do. 

I know two members here have DA accounts...but I was just curious to know about the rest of you. =)

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It's Lauren Perrizzle...

Previous Arts Collective V.P and all-around everyone's favourite person.
This is the only community I really care about on this thing.

I am a GRAD but would like to kerep in touch with my *ahem* proteges.

Who am I kidding, all the grade elevens were better than me.
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Critique Session// Orlando Bloom [07/23/06]

Welcome to another critique session. This time I bring one of my newer works, a watercolour of orlando bloom. This was done for my mother for her birthday (it's on Monday btw)

link is there. 

have fun with it and what not, constructive criticisms here and there but be nice =)
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Update, finally from me [07/20/06]

I've changed up the layout here at AY_visual. If you went to Art in the Park, I hope you had fun (I know Terr and Syl did!). 
(btw Terry, I totally missed you today, I suck I'm sorry =[ )

The layout is very rainbow. Hope you like rainbows. It might change by the end of tomorrow though (Calculus has its limits...hahaha...that was a pun if you have taken Calc)

have a good summer
and enjoy the layout

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Hey guys. Before *everyone* heads off on their cool vacations and what not or gets swamped with summer school english I just wanted to remind you all of the Art in the Park show that's occuring on July 15-16. Sylvia and I had the idea to have our own table. Students can register for free the only thing we need to work out is (1)Who's coming; (2) How many tables we need and therefore what kind of protection we'll get for them; and (3)Who will pitch in for food (as since I'm providing accomodations).

The information is on the following images if you'd like the actual files or just want to work things out with me I'd like your info preferably by July 9th. If you have any questions then please leave a comment here or e-mail me and we'll work it out.

Thanks guys,





Also as a side note if you wanted a copy of Mrs. Primeau's retirement video then please confirm that with me because I have no idea how many I have to make and if I have to make more than I thought then I might ask for some donations for those DVDs. Thanks.
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quite possibly the best free thing you'll get this year [06/29/06]

"Figure Drawing For All It's Worth" - Andrew Loomis
obvious warnings: tasteful nudity and 204 pages of anatomical lessons and references to oogle at.

The AY teachers DO print out some pages for handouts... but it's enlightening to read through the whole shebang (-cough- and especially if you're starting life drawing next year ;D)

So enjoy.
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OCAD again [05/04/06]

It seems that we've come full circle from last year.
This year we get to go to OCAD, once more and revel in everything and anything that is art. Well by the grads anyway.
Hope you all can make it.

The Grade 11 Arts show, C.A.U.T.I.O.N wet paint is holding an open house tomorrow at Markham Theatre so if you have the time, it starts at 4:00 pm and ends at 5:00 pm. Come support the grade 11 arts york class by coming out to our open house =).

I'm not too sure about the details of the grade 12 arts show, so if any grade 12s would like to shed some light on the upcoming gallery exhibition, please do so. 
EDIT:// Supposedly the show is coming up in three weeks, (Lucia mind telling me the date??). There'll be music and food, so please come. As for the gr. 11 arts show, well it was not as successful as we may have hoped but there was music, and some people came so I guess it wasn't all so bad. I think next year there should be more people in charge of advertising. Truth be told, the time slot that the theatre gave us was terrible, and I think that if the show was at perhaps a later time, parents would've been able to attend and it would've been a much more lively spectacle. But alas, there's always next year guys =)

Thank you and goodnight =)
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sIntacKs needs YOU! [02/19/06]

[ mood | Pumped ]

Yeah so this community has been dead for a while and I've decided to revive it as much as I can. (Haha)
Anyway, our school literary magazine, "sIntacKs" is hot off the presses and if any of you are totally interested in reading about stuff written by students for students, then sIntacKs is for YOU!

We'll be selling them in the caf I do believe from 1-5 (we dont' close down like your average booth because we're totally awesome that way you hear) and it's only for DUN DUN DUN


8.5x11 and a super duper magazine full of goodness for 1 dollar? Come on man, you'd be crazy not to buy it. 
Plus I'm betting the fact that most of you people on this forum have a piece of artwork in here, and what looks better on a resume than 
"Was featured in school magazine"
(though you shouldn't be doing that, it's still cool you can't deny)

So if you're interested in what YOUR school as to say, make it important, make it a sIntacKs day.

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Happy New Year [01/01/06]

And so comes a new year, full of happiness...and...other stuff.
Hope you all didn't get too drunk.

We'll be going back to school in a few days (yeah seriously man, we got a week)...so use those precious days wisely to finish work because I'm pretty sure most of you didn't do any during the first one. I have a painting due, as do many others in this community, so here's hoping we actually finish on time...unlike the last time. This time it's 10% a day!
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HELLO. LEts start the critique session shall we??? What do we have here??

This is my sketch for my new painting concept!!!! Improvements, comments, suggetsions, don't know what the hell's going on?? Tell me please. Also can anyone guess what the theme for my concept is without looking at the answer?

peekabooCollapse )
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[ mood | cold ]

one hundred percent scared of painting. and life drawing.

i want to crawl into a corner, curl up with my snapped paint brushes, and die.

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An update! [12/10/05]
This community is so dead. No joke.

Anyway... Didn't the contest close over a month ago? *scratches head* Who won?

If anyone cares, I've developed an unhealthy obsession with evening gowns and off the shoulder clothing. I am drawing as if there's no tomorrow. If anyone's interested, I may show something here sometime...

And writing. I'm working on my short story writing skills. How I am looking forward to this holiday season! You can't even imagine...

Christmas is coming soon...and the New Year! And then there's Eastern Christmas and New Year! *dies*
I love this time of year.

Hope you all have a great time come these holidays. Lots of love to all.
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Soon very soon [10/31/05]

[ mood | nonchalant ]

Okay, so guys, the Visual Arts collective hosted the "Ghouls and Fools" fundraiser typed thing today! I hope everyone had fun...or at least sort of thought they had fun =). Wednesdays are meetings AFTERSCHOOL in room 212 if I am not mistaken so....come on out!

Anyway, since it's Novemember....the new layout is gonna be going up soon. So far, _icebluerose_ is the only person who has actually refered anyone at all so...guess what...the contest closes on the Seventh (Terr's birthday because she rocks) So if you are interested in having your choice of layout on the community, please please submit your art work and refer people to the community.

I'm glad everyone who went to NY had fun (it's supposed to be like that on trips), and thanks Rhi for the pictures. If any of you else have any funny stories or pictures, videos etc. etc. you want to share with us, please do =).

OH on that note,
PLEASE SUBMIT TO sIntacKs! UHS's Literary magazine! If you want your artwork/photography to be in the magazine please please please submit your stuff ASAP! To Sintacksuhs@yahoo.ca!
The Deadline is Nov. 10th soooooo please submit <3

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